Logical-Arts Subscriptions


If you are looking for a subscription based business solution, this is the extension you need.



Product Overview


Features excerpt

  • Payment: Offline, PayPal, Mollie, Amazon-Pay
  • VAT per product
  • Coupon-Code support
  • Multiple subscription types:
    Single files, File categories, Tickets, Movie-Streams
  • Additional 'analog' product selling
  • EU VAT support
  • EU MOSS summary
  • Geo-IP support
  • Privacy support
  • Templates for mails, invoices, pages
  • Article inline support
  • Editor Button

We sell you a complete subscription system, to start with your business. No hidden costs or need for additional "plugins". It comes all out of the box!


Package Content

  • Subscriptions Component
    The main module to work with subscriptions
  • Editor Button
    Create buttons to buy a product or to jump to the poduct page
  • Subscriptions Plugin
    Callbacks handler
  • Payment Service Provider Plugins
    Pay Later
  • Privacy Plugin
    Supports Joomla! privacy requests
  • System Plugin
    Inline Subscription layouts with tags
  • Cart Module
    Show a cart icon at your page