The Joomla CAPTCHA plugin for Joomla 4/5 and later is a robust solution to protect you from spam by bots or or other automated attacks.
It integrates with the Joomla Captcha-API and can be used by all extensions supporting the Joomla built in CAPTCHA usage.

The Configuration is done with a few clicks.

Question images are created on the the fly and the algorythm is testet with OCR scanner was not able to convert any of the testet images to text, which would be a necessary first step for a bot.

Using a CAPTCHA plugin is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Security Enhancement: CAPTCHAs significantly improve website security by preventing automated software (bots) from performing unauthorized actions. This includes spam submissions on forms, brute-force login attempts, and automated data scraping, which can lead to website slowdowns or even breaches.

  2. Spam Reduction: By ensuring that only humans can submit forms or access certain website functionalities, CAPTCHAs effectively reduce the amount of spam emails, comments, or posts, keeping the website cleaner and more usable for genuine users.

  3. Resource Protection: Automated traffic can consume a significant amount of server resources, leading to higher operating costs and slower site performance for real users. CAPTCHAs help in safeguarding these resources by blocking automated access.

  4. Fraud Prevention: CAPTCHAs are an effective tool in preventing fraudulent activities on websites, such as automated ticket purchasing by scalpers or automated account creation for spamming or phishing purposes.

In summary, incorporating a CAPTCHA plugin is a straightforward and effective measure to enhance the security and integrity of a website, protect resources, and improve the overall experience for legitimate users.



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