To use the Cron-Jobs you need the service is provided by your hosting provider.
In general, Cron-Jobs are used to automate tasks at a recurring basis, like every day or every hour. See the table below wich task can be triggered.

A cron will be triggered by "index.php?option=lartstickets&task=cron.<task>&key=<cronkey>
where <task> is the task to perform and <cronkey> your defined security key, set at the configuration panel.


Task Description Remarks
send-close-reminder Send a reminder that the ticket is about to be closed. Intended to be done daily
auto-close Close tickets older than x days. Intended to be done daily


The Cron-Jobs configuration can be found at the global configuration pages.


The specified security token is the <cronkey> placed at the trigger link.

Auto-Close Reminder Days

Number of days in front of the ticket will be auto-closed to send a reminder this will happen.

Assume 2 days and "Auto-Close Days" will be 5, the reminder is sent after 3 days of inactivity (5 days - 2 days)

Auto-Close Days Number of days of inactivity to automatically close the ticket.