Event handler

The event handlers will be triggered while processing actions. You can use them by implementing a subscription plugin to do additional actions.


FunctionReturnParameterRelates to
onAfterAddCartItem void   Cart
onAfterCreateInvoice void   Invoice
onAfterCreateQuote void   Offer
onAfterCreateTicket void   Tickets
onAfterProcessInvoice void   Invoice
onAfterProcessOrderedItem void   Order processing
onAfterProcessSubscription void   Order processing 
onAfterProcessedAllItems void   Order processing 
onAfterProcessedAllSubscriptions void   Order processing 
onAfterPublishSubscription void   Periods
onAfterRemoveSubscription void   Periods 
onAfterSaveProduct void   Product
onAfterSaveTransaction void   Payment
onAfterSaveUserDetails void   Customer
onAfterSendInvoice void   Invoice
onAfterSendQuote void   Offer
onAfterSendTicket void   Tickets
onBeforeChangeSubscription void   Periods 
onBeforeDownloadInvoicesCSV void   Management
onBeforeMossExport void   Management
onBeforePaymentRedirect void   Order processing
onBeforeRemoveSubscription void   Periods
onBeforeSaveUserDetails void   User
onBeforeUpdateOrderDiscounts void   Order processing
onForbidDownloadAccess void   Downlaods
onGenerateTicketNumber void   Tickets
onPostRegister void   Order processing / Customer
onPrintTicket void   Tickets
onShowPaymentMessage void   Order processing
onStartRegister void   Order processing / Customer