Create coupons to give a customer a discount. Coupons can be created manually or they will be created automatically e.g. while checking the renew for a customers product.

They can be created in various ways.

  • Coupon for user
  • Coupon for product
  • Coupon for complete order

The discount can be a specific amount or percentage.
The usage can be unlimited, one time or a number of times.

A customer can apply only one coupon per order. If a coupon is already applied and he tries to apply another coupon, the coupon with the higher discount will be used and the other one discarded.

To create a coupon, select the coupons button at the control panel.

Description A descriptional text for the coupons list
Coupon Code The coupon code. You can enter any text you like or generate a unique code by clicking the "Generate Code" button
Discount Type Reduce the order by a fixed amount or percentage
Discount Amount The amount (percenetage or fixed)
Limit Usage Limit the usage to a specific number of times.
Limit to User Limit the coupon to a specific user
Limit to Products Limit the coupon to a specificproduct
Apply to full order Should the dicount applied to the full order, or for a specific product only?
Valid From / Till The date range, this coupon shoul be valid