Payment - Mollie

To use the Mollie plugin do the following steps:

  • login at the Admin area and goto "Extensions" -> "Plugins"
  • Type "pay" at the search box, to filter the Plugin-Names
  • Select the "Mollie - Logical-Arts Subscriptions" Plugin




Plugin - Options


Show PSPs

If yes, all at Mollie selected payment providers (PSP) will be listed.

If no, a single Mollie button appears and the customer has to select the PSP as a first checkout step.

Short Order Description

Enter a short description which will be shown at the checkout.
The order id will be appended to this text
Use {orders} as a placeholder for te list of ordered products.


Defines the desired currency that will be used in Mollie.

After buy

Completed Template The page template to show after the order is completed.
Create Invoice Selects wether to create a invoice or not.
Invoice Template The Invoice Template to use.
Logfile It is possible to log all actions in the plugin, this means that a logfile is kept in the PayPal plugin folder. It is not recommended to use this functionality when your site is live.


Tab API Options

Mode Switch between Sandbox (for debugging) and live mode.
Live Key The key provided by Mollie for live transactions
Sandbox Key The key provided by Mollie for Sandbox (debugging) transactions